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Why Support the Arts?

Tradition and culture in the form of the arts are some of the most beautiful things in our world. Nothing else has quite the same ability to evoke our feelings and emotions. Since ancient times the arts have amazed humankind. To this day, people will travel the world to gaze upon some of humanity’s oldest artworks in awe.

In modern times and today’s economy, however, it’s becoming increasingly hard for talented artists to survive and pursue their craft. The need for steady income, which cannot be attained through their art, causes most artists today to pursue a different path – and their talents are lost to the world.

This sad state of affairs tends to be amplified in developing countries where poverty is more prevalent. The need to provide for one’s family often means that even education is abandoned, let alone artistic pursuits. Making a living whilst pursuing one’s artistic talent is just not feasible.

At Mad Monkey we’re great admirers and appreciators of all forms of art. We strive to support artists and the arts however we can. This includes offering up the walls of our hostels as canvases, offering free stays for creative work of all kinds through our Creative Hub Program, and using our Arts Fund to financially support local artists (of all ages and levels!) in their pursuits.

By carefully selecting the right causes to work with, we believe that the money donated to our Arts Fund is having a positive impact throughout our communities. People who would not have been able to do so otherwise are pursuing their dreams, and we’re all better for it. Together with our guests and our partners, we’re all working to prevent traditional forms of art in each of our countries of operation from dying out. This will help local citizens and travelers alike to engage with these cultures for generations to come.
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What We Do To Help

Mad Monkey raises money through events, fundraisers, and with the help of our guests to support various artistic organizations and projects throughout Southeast Asia in need of financial aid. Our careful selection process evaluates the aim of each project, the authenticity of the cause, and most importantly how the project will be conducted and the funds put to use.

The process does not end here, after selection we monitor the programs we support to ensure they are completely transparent and that we receive regular updates and proof of progress. We do this to ensure the money that has been donated is being put to good use and reaching the right people.

There is no bias in the types of projects chosen; we wish to support the arts in a variety of forms. As long as a project is sustainable and we can see the positive impact it will have on the community, we are open to hearing more about it and supporting it if means allow.
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Donate To Mad Monkey’s Arts Fund

There are many ways to donate to Mad Monkey’s Arts Fund. Firstly, every time a guest makes a direct booking through our website for a stay at one of our hostels, they are asked if they would like to add on a $1 donation to one of our charitable funds. We are always appreciative of the considerable support we receive through this channel!

Secondly, you can make a difference (and have a good time!) by attending one of our fundraising events. Keep an eye on our hostels’ webpages and social media profiles to see when these are coming up.

Finally, you can make a cash donation in person at an of our hostel locations. Just speak with any of our staff, and they’ll point you in the right direction and happily answer any questions you may have.
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Apply for Arts Funding from Mad Monkey

If you have an arts-focused project or social enterprise that’s making a difference in the community, we’d love to hear about it and consider your proposal for how Mad Monkey could partner with you to further your efforts. Before you fill out the form below, though, please be aware of the following:

  1. We only make grants when the result will be something tangible. We are happy to provide grants for materials, etc. that will be used to complete an artistic project or fund an initiative that will make your organization self sufficient. We do not, however, make grants towards operational costs.
  2. We only make grants to (a) existing, registered NGOs that are able to provide a copy of their license, or (b) organizations providing opportunities for disadvantaged individuals to pursue their artistic talents. In the latter case, the grant will paid directly to the organization as tuition, etc.
  3. We do not make grants to new start-up organizations looking for seed funding, or organizations charging fees that exclude disadvantaged individuals from participating in their programming.
  4. The aim of our Arts Fund is to support and fund developing artistic talent in Southeast Asia. If your project has little or no connection to our local communities in Southeast Asia, please do not apply.
  5. Anyone applying for a grant should include a transparent breakdown of their organization or project’s administrative costs if any are incurred.
  6. Grants are available between the amounts of $100 and $1500. Grants are awarded entirely at the discretion of Mad Monkey’s Board of Directors and Communications Team.

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