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Our Values

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Our Values as a Business:
The greatest opportunity that Mad Monkey has to create change in our communities is through our impact as an employer. We employ hundreds of staff across Southeast Asia, in countries in varying stages of development. Our business began with the clear intention to create a youth hostel that would provide fair employment, benefits, and genuine, mutually beneficial cultural interactions for guests and the team.

All these years later, this is still the goal that guides our work and our growth. Read on to learn about the values that define Mad Monkey and how we’re able to support our team above and beyond usual expectations.

Clean water

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Mad Monkey’s Clean Water Project:
Clean drinking water is a basic human need, but unfortunately many people around the world are living without it. In Cambodia, between 50% and 60% of the people living in rural villages do not have clean water to drink or use on their farms. Unclean water is the root cause of many problems, like disease, lack of access to education, and infant mortality.

To help change this, Mad Monkey raises funds to build water wells and water filters in rural Cambodian villages. This important work is made possible by the support of our guests and awesome donors.


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The Mad Monkey Education Fund:
Education opens a child’s eyes to their true potential, and gives them the means to create a good life for themselves and their families. Unfortunately, many children around the world do not have the access to education that is taken for granted in the west. The greatest barrier is usually poverty: families can’t afford school, or they can’t afford for their kids to spend time studying instead of working.

At Mad Monkey we believe every child deserves an education. Our Education Fund supports local projects and initiatives that create sustainable solutions to the problems preventing children from learning.

The Arts

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The Mad Monkey Arts Fund:
The arts are such an important form of expression. They bring beauty to the world and help us communicate with each other. They preserve and showcase culture and traditions, something we greatly appreciate as travellers. And yet, in today’s economy the arts are often one of the first things pushed aside when budgets are cut or resources are slim. It’s getting harder and harder for talented individuals to make a living with their artwork.

At Mad Monkey we care about the arts. If you’ve been to one of our hostels, you know that our walls are a colourful mix of murals that we’re perpetually adding to. We create opportunities for traveling artists of all kinds through our Creative Hub Program. We also support arts initiatives out in our communities, with donations from our Arts Fund.

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