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Some links embedded within our website are affiliate links, this means that some blog and guide content hyperlinks will take you to websites that will pay us a commission if you use their services.  You are under no obligation to use any service recommended on this website.

We only link to companies, businesses and services that we can recommend and have used ourselves or have personal recommendations for, and that we feel are relevant to the reader within the subject matter of the article.

All content is generally accurate at the time of being published, although times, dates and prices do change with time.  You are encouraged to do further research or contact the companies if you have any questions.

If for any reason an image of yours has been used by mistake by our content editors please email us at legal(at) for either an instant takedown or a hyperlinked credit to your website.  We generally use our own images or stock images, or images that have publicly been uploaded to sites with the permission of commercial use.  Our site also contains content generated by bloggers as our creative hub program.  They are not always correct so please email us if you have any problems.

The articles are written with the intent of providing relevant, informative, educational and entertaining information for our guests, our guests and readers are between the ages of 18-35 and our articles and content are written with our guests in mind.  Should you find any article that is incorrect, causes concern or you have any problems with please contact our team at marketing(at) so we can fix it.

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