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Education Fund

Why Support Education?

Unfortunately, many children and young adults in the countries where we operate our hostels do not have access to the same high quality education (or indeed, any education at all) that we are accustomed to in the West. Cambodia, for example, has about a 95% enrollment rate in primary school according to the UN – but this plummets to 20% for secondary education.

The underlying reason for this drop, and statistics that tell a similar story in other countries, is poverty. Many parents require their children to bring in money to support the family, through manual labour. There is no time or money for schooling. It’s not always easy for a parent trying to make ends meet to such a degree to see the long-term value of education, especially in comparison with the short-term necessity to put food on the table.

Our Mad Monkey Education Fund helps provide facilities, equipment, transportation, and social enterprise work that supports education for disadvantaged children and youth in our communities. We fund projects that will either help a school generate its own sustainable income, or demonstrate a long-term benefit for the students.

Our fund is completely transparent. There are no administrative costs, so 100% of the money donated goes directly to education projects in Southeast Asia. In order to ensure that we only fund the most legitimate and effective causes, we engage in a lengthy selection process with each applicant for funding. We only work with verified charitable organizations that can prove to us each dollar they receive is spent responsibly. We also make every effort to fund a variety of projects, so that the impact of our donations can reach a wider spread of the population.

Our hope is that with the help of our guests and partners, this continuous effort will slowly raise the overall education level in Mad Monkey’s home countries. We want to be a part of making education more accessible and appealing for families, so that every child growing up in our communities has access to all the opportunities that it provides.
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What We Do To Help

Fundraising Events: Our most regular fundraising activity is our Crawl 4 School pub crawl at Mad Monkey Phnom Penh. The event runs every Thursday evening. Guests can purchase a wristband for $5 to join in the crawl. The wristband guarantees them entry to all of our stops along the way, and happy hour prices. We donate 100% of the proceeds from these wristband sales to our Mad Monkey Education Fund. The funds raised through the Crawl 4 School are specifically allocated to our partnership with Cambodian Children’s Fund, in which we are sponsoring one primary school class throughout their education with annual donations.

Guest Donations: Every time a guest makes a direct booking via the Mad Monkey website, they’re given the option to donate $1 to our Education Fund. We are grateful for and heartened by the volume of donations we receive through this channel!

Project Funding: We fund a variety of projects that sustainably further education in Cambodia, Thailand, or the Philippines (see below for examples). These projects range from providing the materials required to start up a social enterprise that funds a school, to purchasing new helmets for a class to ensure they can make it to school safely. We support a wide variety of projects in order not to limit the scope of our aid and impact.
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Donate To Mad Monkey’s Education Fund

There are many ways in which you can help us raise funds for education in Southeast Asia!

Donate at time of booking: When you book at stay with us directly through our website, you’ll be given the option to donate $1 to the Mad Monkey Education Fund.

Attend one of our events: Arguably the most fun way to support our efforts is to join in at one of our fundraising events or parties. The Crawl 4 School pub crawl in Phnom Penh is especially recommended. This also gives us the opportunity to thank you for your support by showing you a great time!

Donate in person: You can also make a donation in person at any of our hostels – and we’d be ever so grateful if you did! Just speak to any member of staff, and they’ll be able to point you in the right direction and answer any questions you may have.
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Apply for Education Funding from Mad Monkey

If you’re involved in an education initiative in Cambodia, Thailand, or the Philippines that you think would be a suitable partnership for the Mad Monkey Education Fund, we’d love to hear from you. Before contacting us through the form below, though, please note the following:

  1. We only make grants when the result will be something tangible. This includes equipment that will have a long-term benefit for students, or materials that will help your organization to establish a sustainable source of income. We do not make grants towards operational costs.
  2. We only make grants to (1) existing, registered NGOs able to produce a copy of their license, or (2) organizations providing opportunities for disadvantaged children and youth to pursue education. In the latter case, the grant will be paid directly to the organization as tuition, etc.
  3. We do not make grants to new, start-up organizations looking for seed funding, or organizations charging fees that prohibit disadvantaged children from receiving an education.
  4. The aim of our Education Fund is to increase access to education in Cambodia, Thailand, and the Philippines. If your project has little or no connection to our local communities in Southeast Asia, please do not apply for a grant.
  5. Anyone applying for a grant should include a transparent breakdown of their organization or project’s administrative costs if any are incurred.
  6. Grants are available for amounts between $100 and $1500. Grants are awarded entirely at the discretion of Mad Monkey’s Board of Directors and Communications Team.
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