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The Best Hostels for Groups Who Like Good Times

Southeast Asia

Group Travel, Tour Groups & Partnerships

Mad Monkey might be the perfect place for your group to stay in Southeast Asia, but you need to email us first to discuss your exact requirements, email groups (AT), our friendly team will respond to you.

We provide special rates for group bookings of 10 or more people, but, they must be pre-approved by the hostel via email. We are able to provide transport, transfers, onward travel, group tour rates, package tours across hostels, corporate parties, stag parties, hen parties – we are even able to offer our whole venue for private hire – but again all stays must be approved prior to you rocking up.

Here are some important considerations for our group services:-

  • Groups > 10 people require approval before accepting your booking
  • Stipend > Groups over 10 people can be accommodated on a full or half board or B&B rate

For tour operators in Cambodia, Thailand, Indonesia, Japan, Australia and the Philippines we are able to also offer sell-through OTA services of your quality tours products on our adventures pages to our fantastically awesome customers.

To strike up a conversation about a specific stay email us at groups (AT), to inquire about striking up a strategic partnership including sell-through of your products to our customers you need to email for more info. 

Exception: Church Groups or Organized Religious Groups

Mad Monkey is a secular business. We do not feel that our hostels are the right environment for groups visiting the region for religious purposes. In our experience, our average group of guests at any given time differ greatly in behaviour and perspective from the average organized religious group. The result when both are checked into our hostel at the same time is mutually uncomfortable for both parties. Therefore, to be fair to both our guests and your group, we do not take these bookings.

Exception: Student Groups under 18

The minimum age for guests at all Mad Monkey hostels is 18, the common age of majority around the world. Our hostels feature busy bars that host lively late-night events, and they are not appropriate environments for underage guests.

There are many guesthouses and hotels in Southeast Asia that will happily accommodate religious groups or younger travelers. We wish you all the best with your search for accommodations!

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