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10 Bed Dorm Rooms

Mad Monkey Phnom Penh 10 Bed Dorm Rooms is spacious, comfy, and full of your 9 new best friends! This dorm room at Mad Monkey Phnom Penh will give you that old-school backpacker vibe you’ve been looking for. Old-school doesn’t mean old-fashion, though. Our 10 Bed Dorm is super spacious and totally kitted out. Backpackers love Mad Monkey for our over-sized and over-soft mattresses and bedding. Your personal bunk space will be 1.2 meters across – hard to come by in Southeast Asia. You’ll also have your own personal reading light and power outlet – charge your phone while you finish your book or chat to your roommates! There’s a secure locker space for your bag and your valuables. Be sure to bring a padlock, or pick one up from the shop at our Front Desk. Your dorm has a bathroom with a hot shower, and there are other bathrooms throughout the hostel that you can access as well.

Now, be warned, some of our 10 Bed Dorms are near the bar. This means you might hear some music and people enjoying themselves in the evening. The bar shuts at midnight every night, so there’s still plenty of time for shut-eye after that. If you’re looking for an early night in, though, you’d be better off in one of the dorms in our quieter Villa building – you’ll find all the details on our booking site.

Another important thing to note is that your best option is always to book directly online here before you arrive! In busy season (and it’s usually busy season here) our beds tend to sell out days ahead. We really want to hang with you, but we can’t always accommodate walk-ins. So book online, and book direct for the lowest prices and no deposit required. Winning!

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