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Cambodian Happy Pizza.

During your adventures around the globe, you will encounter many weird and wonderful dishes. This, however, may well be one of the most unique foodie experiences around.

A baking in the making…

Groups of travelers with a serious dose of the giggles gorging themselves on a double pepperoni pizza are a regular sight across the streets of Siem Reap, Kampot, and Phnom Penh.

We’ve actually never seen anyone find pizza (and food in general) so hilarious. All courtesy of an ingredient that you’d never find at your local Pizza Hut and Domino’s.
What could this mysterious seasoning be…?


The Inside Scoop Of Cambodian Happy Pizza: A Travel Culture Enigma


Cambodian Happy Pizza


Grabbing a real slice of the action…

Traveler hotspots all across Cambodia are dotted with these Happy Pizza restaurants, where you can get a stone-baked slice with a little extra ‘seasoning’. And we’re not talking about rosemary…
We’re talking…

Weed. Ganja. Chronic. High Grade. Pot. Herb. Reefer. Mary Jane. Dope. All of these are nicknames for a herb better known as marijuana.

Look, in the grand scheme of things, the pizzas themselves aren’t anything to write home to your local pizza place about. But it’s not about the dough, the cheese, the roquito peppers, or the parma ham. The hungry crowds are being drawn here because of the peculiar willingness to sprinkle handfuls of marijuana across their food.

We’d like to make very clear that at Mad Monkey we have complete zero tolerance on any form of drug use, and would advise all travelers to avoid using any of these nasty substances.
However, if you do find yourself in one of these pizza parlours, we want to make sure that you don’t end up running away with the circus…


Cambodian Happy Pizza: Are You Going To Get Banged Up Abroad?


The frivolity of these Cambodian Happy Pizza establishments may lead you to believe that marijuana is legal and acceptable within Cambodia.

Word of warning…
This certainly isn’t the case. Since the days of the ancient Khmer population, marijuana has been a common ingredient used for medicinal purposes and has always been considered an intriguing flavour which chefs used to bulk up their dishes.

Unfortunately, a law was passed in 1996 which declared a whole host of drugs, including marijuana, illegal. The government is continuing the enforce these laws, but with a particular focus on the harder drugs.

Nonetheless, the Happy Pizza places within Cambodia seemingly are like the Vatican within Rome – self-governed. While you’re unlikely to catch a glimpse of the Pope chowing down on a herby slice, the grey area that these pizza joints sit in will enable you to enjoy your high in peace without getting hounded by police.

Don’t take the piss-a…

Although these Cambodian Happy Pizza establishments are pretty relaxed, the same can’t be said for the streets. So make sure you’re keeping it drug free outside of these places, otherwise you’ll waking up crammed into a cell alongside a number of unwanted new acquaintances.


Cambodian Happy Pizza: How Much For A Slice Of The Action?

If you’re still looking to embark on this journey, the price of one larges pizza tends to fluctuate between $7 – $10 depending on which joint you choose to chow down at.

So, how much pizza should you eat? Usually this would be a rhetorical question, to which the unanimous answer is ‘eat until you’ve entered a nice cosy food coma’. In this instance, as there is the extra special ingredient, it would be advised that you share the pizza pie with at least one or two of your travel buddies.

Eaten the whole thing already?

Keep an eye out for the massive pink floating elephant that will be joining you at your table in about 90 minutes!

Most importantly, stay safe and have fun!



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