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Cafe & Bar

Join us at our Mad Monkey Cafe & Bar for breakfast and drinks all day long! Get your morning caffeine fix or indulge in a Bloody Mary to kickstart your day! Our Cafe & Bar opens at 7:30 a.m. and closes at 11 p.m. (breakfast is served until 11:30 a.m.) We will often have communal dinners where you can taste the best of Laos cuisine or enjoy a BBQ by the onsite fire pit!

Be sure to make it to our daily Happy Hour from 2–3 p.m. where you can enjoy all cocktails for just 29,000 LAK and get a free shot of Lao Lao with every beer you shot gun! Don’t miss our OPEN BAR from 6:30–7 p.m. for all-you-can drink whiskey and vodka mixers for 30 minutes every day!

Every night, we will host events at our bar. Join us for Trivia Night, Bar Olympics, Fire Night, Music Bingo & more! Follow us on Facebook for updates!

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