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Pai Group Accommodation Bookings

Whether you are traveling as a corporate group, educational or student groups with members over 18 years of age, sports groups, or simply trying to accommodate your group of family or friends, Mad Monkey Pai Hostel accepts group bookings up to a maximum of 10 people. Bookings for more than 10 people will need to email us in advanced at groups(at) to make sure that we have availability for everyone.

Group booking reservation should be stress-free, get in touch with us first, put in your information such as travel dates and specific requests so we can confirm before your arrival. Bookings made without contacting us first may be canceled at any time. You can check out our full policy on group bookings here. Note that a stipend for group bookings of over ten people may apply and our booking team may require you to book based on a half board or a full board basis. If your group is less than 10 persons, you can easily click here for instant booking.

Mad Monkey Hostel Pai is located only 0.7 miles from Pai Walking Street all of Pai’s most popular attractions, including temples and night markets. Our neighborhood is full of shops, handicraft stores, quirky cafes, and nightlife spots. You need to know that Mad Monkey Pai is a social hostel, and we organize fun parties and events on the daily, so if you are looking for a quiet place to stay then we may not be for you.


Pai Group Booking Criteria

  • Religious Groups, Rehab Groups, Meditation Groups – NO we may not be suitable for church or religious groups due to our young adult party nature
  • Student Groups – Possible if group members are over 18, send us an email
  • Study Groups or NGO Groups – YES, please email us if over 10 persons
  • Young corporate groups – YES, please email us if over 10 persons
  • Party Groups, groups of friends, sports groups, hen parties, stag parties etc. – YES, pile on in
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