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Cambodian Buddhism Association for Vulnerable Children

Cambodian Buddhism Association for Vulnerable Children (CBAVC) is a Cambodian non-governmental, non-profit organization established by a group of buddhist monks from Wat Polangka in Siem Reap. The organization was founded in 2012 with the aim of improving access to education and health services for the most vulnerable children, women, and disabled people in society.

CBAVC’s vision is for Cambodia to be a country with a strong and growing economy, whose people benefit from equality, unity, and inter-dependence, as well as hold respect for human rights and democracy. In order to realize this, CBAVC commits to alleviating poverty in rural areas of Cambodia through 3 streams of projects: Child Sponsorship, Community Development, and Community Primary Healthcare. These programs are administered in coordination with stakeholders at all levels including families, civil society groups, government departments, NGOs, and community leaders.

Mad Monkey has a longstanding positive relationship with CBAVC. We have partnered together on many successful projects that have created tangible positive change in the community.

If you are interested in learning more about CBAVC and possibly supporting one of their projects, please visit the Cambodian Buddhism Association for Vulnerable Children website. They accept donations to their bank account.

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