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ChildSafe Movement

ChildSafe is a Movement actively protecting children and youth and involving everyone by giving them the tools to take part in child protection. Hundreds of millions of children are pushed onto the margins of society around the world, and this number is unfortunately increasing. These children are exposed to many abuses, from physical and emotional violence to sexual exploitation, forced labour, or lack of access to health care and education. The ChildSafe Movement consists of:

  • Awareness, Behaviour Change, & Advocacy campaigns for citizens, travelers, and donors
  • Child Protection Trainings for community members, businesses, non-profits, and schools
  • 24/7 Emergency Hotlines & Support run by social workers capable of acting immediately to protect children at risk of harm

Mad Monkey Hostels is an official ChildSafe Supporter. This means that we have committed to running our business in alignment with the Movement’s actions and recommendations, and to educating our team and our guests about child protection in Southeast Asia. We look forward to expanding this commitment and partnership as Mad Monkey Hostels grows.

ChildSafe Movement Mad Monkey

ChildSafe Movement Campagins

Check out these awesome and informative campaigns from our friends at ChildSafe:

Campaign: Children Are Not Tourist Attractions

Campaign: Don’t Create More Orphans

Campaign: Keeping Families Together

Campaign: 7 Tips for Travelers

  1. THINK! Children are not tourist attractions – let’s not treat them like they are.
  2. THINK! Volunteering with children feels good but could be harmful – look for better ways to help them.
  3. THINK! Children pay a price for your generosity – don’t give to begging children.
  4. THINK! Professionals know best – call them if a child needs help.
  5. THINK! Sex with children is a crime – report child sex tourism.
  6. THINK! Children should not be at work instead of school – report child labour.
  7. THINK! Protect children – be a ChildSafe traveler.

Click here for the expanded 7 Tips.

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