Crocodile Farm

A Tour of the Crocodile Farm in Siem Reap can be taken at any time between 9am and 5pm on any day of the week. Situated very close to the old market, it takes about 5 minutes in a tuk-tuk from The Mad Monkey to visit the Crocodile Farm in Siem Reap. This tour only takes about 10-20 minutes and it is entertaining for young children who like dangerous animals, and nature loving adults that like the thought of crocodile handbags. You can feed the crocodiles fish, chickens or ducks, which are alive when you buy them, but alas do not last long when cast asunder into a pit of living shoes. There are hundreds of crocodiles in mud puddles, and they are sorted into age groups, beware they are huge, this tour frightened the shit out of me when i went, so if you are not a fan of reptiles it is recommended that you stay away.

The larger ones are all squashed together on top of one another and are barely able to move. Some have missing limbs or part of their tails. The smaller crocodiles have a bit more space to move and you can actually see them fight over food if you throw it to them.

I am sure these crocodile pit’s are never cleaned as it must be impossible with so many. The place is really dirty and smelly. Apparently, this farm was previously used by the Khmer Rouge to kill people, by feeding them to the crocodiles, which apparently is still the best form of victim disposal today.

They have a gift shop where they sell crocodile skin belts, purses, pouches and clothing. You will even find crocodile figurines which appear to be very lifelike. There is a sign opposite advertising authentic crocodile meat.

Some recommend that you wear a mask when visiting, while others say that although it is smelly, you won’t need a mask. This $3 visit is really not for everyone. Looking at hundreds of crocodiles, just lying there, waiting to become shoes and handbags can be really sad. Some people may prefer a nature hike. This is not a place for animal lovers, but if you want to see where your shoes and handbags come from it really is worth an hour of your time.

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