Angkor Zipline

An Exciting Zipline Canopy Tour this the only of its kind in Cambodia and there is no other activity that gives you such a “high times” adventure and thrill when you are traveling to Angkor Wat in Cambodia, if you do not like heights then this tour may not be for you.

Angkor Zipline in Siem Reap is a must-see activity. It takes about 30 minutes in a Tuk Tuk until you start flying from tree to tree in the Cambodian Jungle, this is what makes Flight of the Gibbon in Siem Reap one of the best tours you can do.

It is advisable that you book this tour in the morning while the sun is not so hot, there are also less people waiting to ride the zipline. The maximum number of people allowed for every session is only ten so please make sure you book at our tour desk the night before you would like to go.

Standing on a narrow wooden platform can be nerve wracking as it stands about 45 to 50 meters high. The English speaking guides will orient you on how to cruise the zipline. This activity will take about two hours above the trees.

Angkor Zipline is located in the jungle area where centuries-old trees remain standing and serve as foundation for the tree houses, hanging bridges, and sky bridges. Adventure seekers and mountaineers are all thumbs up on this unique sightseeing spot in the heart of the Angkor Archaeological Park.

It boasts 10 ziplines, 21 platforms and four sky bridges and not to mention its flora and fauna. For the entire package worth $119, the guided tour will pick you up from The Mad Monkey Hostel and drop you off by an air conditioned minivan.

Two tour guides will be assigned to you to assure of your safety while touring the site. You are entitled for a 15-minute nature walk when you have completed the zip line. You will also be provided with a free T-shirt, mineral water, and safety gear and a free meal at a nearby eatery.

Angkor Zipline in Siem Reap is a fitting contribution of the government’s effort towards rain forest and wildlife conservation and the protection of gibbons, and a percentage of you pay for this thrilling adventure will directly go to these causes.

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