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Floating Village Tour

A tour to the Floating village can be great fun if you take enough time in the village to tour around and sit and chat with the locals. This adventure starts as soon as you board the boat that will take you across the Murky water in to Lake Tonle Sap. After about a thirty minute boat ride, you will stop at the souvenir shop where the hawkers will try and sell you all sorts of stuffed rare and endangered animals, please do not buy them. You will also see a live crocodile farm in action, and yes every now and then they do escape into the lake….it can be terrifying.

As we progress on to the floating village, you will be able to see a cluster of houses, several pig farms and vegetable gardens. There are also floating hotels and restaurants where we will stop and have something to eat.

Among the many villages you will see is Chong Kneas village that is also a floating village. The village survives on farming, poultry keeping, pig keeping, fishing and of course the tourist income. The tour stops here for you to tour around the village, eat some food and take a beer.

It is fun to try out the delicacies that the floating village offers. For instance, there are fresh river shrimps and cray fish that are either deep fried or boiled and eaten with chilli. After the tour we head back to The Mad Monkey hostel in a tuk tuk, the tour takes between 3-4 hours and prices are dependent on how many people are within your group.

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