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The Royal Palace & Silver Pagoda

The Phnom Penh Royal Palace and Silver Pagoda tuk tuk tour gives you an opportunity to explore some of the city’s most beautiful palaces and pagodas. Divided into four compounds, the Royal Palace is believed to have been built in the mid-18th century by the French, after the then King Norodom shifted the royal capital from Oudong to Phnom Penh. It is located on the western banks of two rivers, Tonle Sap and Mekong, making it to stand out both from the rivers and from the city. It also possesses great features and a unique architecture.

The tour starts with a hotel pick-up and you will be accompanied by a live guide, who will take you to the palace. Here you will enjoy a great view of the gardens as well as beautiful temples and also learn more about the Cambodian history and culture, and about the royal families which have and still stay in the place. There are some parts of the palace that are restricted to the public, but you can still peep through.

You will also get to see the interesting silver pagoda next door, the artifacts preserved there in as well as the stunning Khmer wall paintings. The pagoda derives its name from its floor which is made of over 5000 tiles of silver. At the pagoda, you will also be taught about the khmer kings and also see the gold and jeweled Buddha statues as well as the Angkor Wat style Bell tower. Once you are done, you will be returned by tuk tuk to the city for a drop off at the hotel after your visit to the Phnom Penh Royal Palace.

The tuk tuk tour is available at Mad Monkey and there are slots for any time of the day. Each tour may last for 1.5 to 2 hours and the costs are very affordable. There is not a private tour as such, you simply get your private transport from the Mad Monkey and go, there is normally a live guide touting for business that will show you around in more detail if required (as compared to a dead guide that is not very good)  as well as the entrance fees to the palace and pagoda, you should also budget for bottled water (its very hot)  and your tuk tuk ride, unless you intend to go on a blow out spending spree the tour should cost less that $10 per person all in.

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