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Wat Bo Temple

The temple of Wat Bo is a really beautiful, peaceful sanctuary built about 400 years ago. It is, in fact, the oldest known Buddhist monastery in Siem Reap town centre and a very special place to visit if you are into that sort of thing.

Wat Bo features a main pagoda, a school and Buddhist sleeping quarters, which give you the real feeling of a monastic life. The temple grounds are well spread and I would encourage a bike-ride around the surrounding area, as it’s a genuine local community shielded from the touristic blight.

To take a tour simply rock up at the pagoda and ask for a look around, the monks are quite welcoming and will normally be happy to show you the grounds. Please note that you should be suitably dressed, for guys this means tops on, for ladies it means cover your legs, shoulders and no tits on show.  Also if you don’t know already, ladies should not touch Monks – so don’t go slapping them on the back and giving them cuddles for f**k sake.

In Wat Bo you will have the opportunity to view a number of the Stupas, some interesting murals (inside the main tp[agoda), of course the ever omnipresent Buddha statues and a mixture of the region’s religious architecture.

In addition, the paintings in the inner walls of vihear, including some of the most unique images and drawings of the colonial era, as well as market scenes, not to forget an opium-smoking Chinese merchant that is quite obviously off his balls.

It’s possible to tour everything in about 30 minutes, and although the tour is officially free you will be given strange stares and made to feel just a little bit uncomfortable unless you drop at least a few dollars into the donation box, so please don’t be a tight bastard.

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