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Wat Phnom

Wat Phenom is a small place that the most common means of transport is Tuk tuk. There are several tuk tuk’s that are used to move tourists from one place to another. In order to save time and visit many places in Wat Phenom and Phenon Penh it is advisable to take a Tuk Tuk. The Tuk Tuk tour of Wat Phenom ensures that you are able to visit many places and also have a lot of fun without necessarily walking for short and long distances.

During the tuk tuk tour you will be able to go to several places that are famous in Wat Phenom. For instance, the first place to visit will be the great independent monument. You will also expect to see other sights like the national museum. A single Tuk Tuk takes a capacity of three tourists and the driver. However, if you are a group, there will be a fleet of tuk tuk’s to take you from one point to another.

Wat Phenom is great in historical sights, temples and even has a spectacular landscape. The choice of accommodation to take will depend on your pocket. However, you will be required to stay not far from the river front. Occasionally, we will be having stops to relax or take snacks before moving to the next sight.Tu tuk drivers are friendly and can move you to and from the hotels or sights at an affordable price. In case you will need to stick to one driver, ensure you take the drivers phone number so that it will be easy to contact each other. When given a good tip or commission the Tuk Tuk driver will ensure that you reach your destination safely.

Tuk Tuk tour will also involve shopping. The drivers will stop at intervals for you to shop whatever you want during the tour. The time frame of the tour is enough for you to shop, take photos, interact and also have great fun. Ensure that you book your tour at the Mad Monkey. You will also be guided how to use the tour guide.

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