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Our House Rules

Our House Rules are very simple. This is what we expect of you when you are staying at Mad Monkey:

1) No drugs – No drugs are tolerated on the property, period.

2) Be considerate of other guests – Please be considerate of your fellow guests. If you are too loud or otherwise inconsiderate, you will be asked to leave.

3) Be courteous to our staff – Basic manners are expected. Our staff are human beings who deserve to be treated with respect.

4) No theft – Any stealing will not be tolerated. We have cameras in every hostel and our staff are trained to spot it.

5) No aggressive behaviour – Threats of violence or anger directed at either our staff or our guests will result in you being removed from the property.

6) No abuse – Any forms of sex tourism or child abuse that we witness will be reported to the authorities, and the perpetrator will be immediately removed from the property.

Safe Work Environment Policy

It is of paramount importance that Mad Monkey Hostels provide a safe working environment for all staff . All members of our team have the right to expect a safe place to work, free of harassment or abuse.

We are a private business and as such are obliged by absolutely no legal framework to serve any customer that we do not want to serve for any reason.

We have the right to remove you from the property if we do not want you in our hostel, and we do not have to declare any reason for doing so.

Guests that:

  • Threaten violence to any member of our staff, or
  • Are consistently rude to our staff, or
  • Display drunken and inconsiderate behavior, or
  • Engage in solicitation or procurement of prostitution, or
  • We consider to be putting themselves, our staff, or our guests in any form of danger,or
  • We consider to be negatively impacting our other guests’ enjoyment of their stay

will be physically ejected from the premises.

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