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Seize Southeast Asia With Our Adventure Tour Packages

Mad Monkey


Kampot Kamikaze Run

The Kampot Kamikaze Run gives you the full Kampot experience in 4 days and 4 nights. Kampot is a beautiful riverside town in the mountains of southern Cambodia. It’s a haven for adventurers because of all its awesome outdoor activities – and the Kamikaze Run takes you right into the heart of the action. You’ll explore the seafood and beach vibes of Kep, sample the fare at Kampot’s world-famous pepper farms, scale Bokor Mountain and its eerie abandoned casino, and so much more. You’ll share the experience with awesome travelers like yourself, and our experienced and fun-loving guides.

Kampot Countryside Tour

The Kampot Countryside Tour is a fully packed 1 day, 2 night adventure. Join us to explore 1000-year-old temple caves, pick fresh pepper at one of Kampot’s famous pepper farms, visit stunning salt farms, and discover a secret lake. Between each stop you’ll be cruising through the breathtaking Southeast Asian countryside on a moto-scooter. Cap off all that activity with the best party night in Kampot, with all the new friends you’ve made!

Kep Beach Day Party

The Kep Beach Party Tour is an awesome whirlwind of sun and fun. Hit Kampot on a Sunday night to settle in and get to know everyone. On Monday the group will head to Kep, led by an experienced and friendly Mad Monkey guide. Kep is a beautiful seaside town renowned for its Crab Market. We’ll sample freshly caught seafood, explore the area, party on the beach, and swim in the sea. We’ll get you back to Kampot by evening, and another night’s accommodation is included in the tour. This experience of coastal Cambodia never disappoints, and it’s a corner of the country that not many travelers get to see.


Bokor Mountain Adventure

A trip up Bokor Mountain is a must for backpackers in Kampot. Join our Bokor Mountain tour to see this landmark with a cool group of fellow travelers and a reliable guide. Bokor Mountain is one of the highest points in Southeast Asia, and the views are amazing. From the top you can pick your way through the ruins of grand colonial buildings and get amazing photos of the vista views. On the way back we hit Popokvil Waterfall, the Temple Rocks, the flower fields, and the Bokor Caves. We travel by motobike – you can choose to be a passenger or take the wheel. It’s the ultimate way to check off this bucket list destination!

Bokor Mountain Trek

Bokor Mountain is the most popular landmark in Kampot, Cambodia. Our Bokor Mountain Trek is the perfect outing for outdoors-lovers in Cambodia. The mountain is situated inside the expansive Bokor National Park. Our experienced guide will lead you on an uphill jungle hike that takes about 3 to 4 hours. On the way up you’ll get to know the rest of the group, travelers from around the world. Along the 5km trail you’ll scale rock faces and tunnel through beautiful junglescapes. There will be stops to eat and take in the stunning mountain views. We’ll rest at the top, and you can take a dip in the natural swimming hole if you fancy it (season-dependent). This active tour is sure to get your heart pumping!

Cambodia Monkey Ladder Tour

Cambodia is an incredible country with so much to see and do. From the ancient ruins and legendary temples of the Khmer Empire of Angkor, to white sandy beaches and thick jungle canopies, much of the Cambodia remains refreshingly untouched. Our friends at TruTravels run a phenomenal 11-night tour that covers Cambodia from top to bottom. Join in with an awesome collection of travelers from around the world to explore this country. A friendly and knowledgeable guide will help you have the best experience possible at each stop along the away. It’s a perfect option for solo travelers or groups of friends looking to get to know other backpackers on the road.

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