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Hostel Franchises for international franchise investors.

We help existing motels, inns, hotels and property owners transform their business into an awesome market leading hostel brand targeted at a millennial audience.  We offer a low entry level investment and a business run by millennial’s for our generation. Partner with a 45% CAGR market leader focused on changing the hostel business for the better.

Leading Hospitality Franchises for sale

International Hostel Franchises

Do you have an existing hotel, motel or Inn that has seen better days and you are actively searching for a franchise partner to help you create a market-leading hostel? Or perhaps you want advice on starting a hostel, or you have identified a property opportunity for a change of lifestyle or want to re-purpose a building to live your hospitality dream?

Mad Monkey Hostel provides our international brand license under franchise and management contract to select partners that are committed to our brand values of delivering the most social and socially responsible stay for our customer base of 18-35 year old millennial travelers.

International franchise inquiries are welcomed by anyone with a vision to take part in creating the best hostel experience in the world. We have current operations in Asia and are actively seeking partners in India, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Hong Kong, China, Korea, Malaysia and Eastern Europe.

How to engage us The best way to reach out to us is to send an email to marketing (at)  We will normally call you back within 48-72 hours for an initial 15-30 minute discussion.

Why Develop A Hostel With Us

Invest in a hostel Franchise

The most successful franchise and property investment partners share our vision of building a socially responsible, fun & design-led hostel for our customers.

We are focused on engaging social spaces, sharing local cultures and experiences and having a positive impact on our communities.  We have social responsibility at the core of what we do, and our hostel partnerships deliver true bottom line value for our people, investors and our communities.

From our side, you can expect an experienced brand partner behind you and committed to your success, that has a solid track record in Asia and explosive rates of customer growth.  You will receive training, mentorship, experience and advice every step of the way, we will show you how to maximise your investment return by delivering the best customer experience for your customers.

When you choose Mad Monkey you will be dealing with a private family company that understands the emphasis on sustainability and building for the long term, we also treat our partners with respect and greatly value our common trust and transparency.


Hostel Franchise & Management Requirements

We look for franchisees or owning partners that are committed to delivering the very best in customer experience, by joining our Mad Monkey Family you are investing in a team of people that are committed to your individual success and the values we live by.

We seek properties with the capabilities to provide a mixture of both shared dorm and private room accommodation and social spaces that must include a bar licensed to sell and serve alcohol and restaurant space. A pool or capability for a pool is also beneficial.

We are looking for people that want to have a positive impact on their local communities, for that reason within 12 months of opening we require our hostel partners to make a commitment to raise funds for a recognised local charity doing good work in their communities. We also look for partners that understand that investing in peoples skills, training, development and overall happiness with fair wages, health benefits and continuous coaching is the key to a successful hostel.

Mad Monkey Hostels Franchise

Who We Work With

We work with property owners, property investment companies, individual franchise owners and franchise chain investors that wish to adopt & improve upon our method of doing business, adopt our corporate culture and commitment to running a great hostel that helps their communities and local team members.

The value we provide to hostel Franchise partners

We provide all of the support and materials and know how you need to be successful, your success is our success and we are committed to ensuring that every single franchise we enter into is representative of our brand and replicates our global success.

A kickass hostel brand franchise license

We provide access to our brand standards that define exactly what needs to be in place for a Mad Monkey, from how T-Shirts should be displayed, to menu design, reception design and everything else needed to deliver a consistent brand experience. At the same time we are not a boring corporate and no two hostels are the same.

Branding Hostel Franchise

Training and know how in the hostel industry

We provide training services for all of our hostels, including the management training that you will need to be able to run and operate your hostel effectively.  We include service training, help in defining menus and F&B offerings and also provide you with an experienced manager during the build and launch phase of your new Mad Monkey Hostel to ensure we iron out any early teething problems and build confidence and capability in your team.

We provide HR experience and assistance with recruitment, or should you simply wish to utilize an existing property investment we are able to execute management contracts and joint ventures for suitable properties.

Talent and an awesome work culture

Our international team includes management professionals, general managers and experienced young professionals with Mad Monkey brand experience.  Many of our team are eager to work on new openings and as they have a passion for travel a two or three-year engagement with a new hostel is always a welcome opportunity.

When recruited we have a robust and tested method of engaging your team into the Mad Monkey global family, including our team intranet that helps our teams share information and develop team ownership and personal commitment to our brand values and our purpose of delivering a positive impact on our communities.

Access to investment

We have investment partnerships in place with both private and institutional investors to help plug any gaps in funding for your hostel, although our hostel franchise is priced effectively you should be able to commit at least $150,000 USD of capital to each project.

We can advise you how to go about raising funds and the capital to start your business, secure the right investment partners and provide introductions if required.

Complete hostel technology stack

We have spent many years developing a comprehensive technology stack for a new hostel that provides core functions such as booking engine, electronic point of sale, yield management, customer relationship management, payment processing and marketing technology.  A typical hostel deployment takes just two to three weeks to deploy the entire technology stack of products that work together in order to get your hostel franchise up and running smoothly.

Marketing and yield management

We provide a full set of advertising services, marketing creation services, plus access to our growing supply chain of over 1M past Mad Monkey customers to help you build rapid demand for your Mad Monkey property. Our business is growing our beds on an average of 45% per annum and we are building our business to scale effectively.

Ongoing management support

Our management support includes access to legal and financial services, consultancy and help along the way.  We also assist with financial aspects including audit, compliance, accounting and business management to support your business growth and success. We are fully committed to our partner’s success and we understand that your performance reflects on our brand value, for this reason, you will be afforded every assistance to ensure your business rocks and replicates our success internationally.

An awesome team to work with

We operate a fun, caring and socially responsible environment that focuses on triple bottom line performance.  We take care of our people with comprehensive benefits, consistent training and a commitment to their future.  We are also active in our communities, every Mad Monkey hostel is required to establish its own positive corporate social responsibility agenda within 12 months of opening that ensures our partners gain trust, respect and maintain active positive involvement in the community around them.

Reasonable & affordable franchise fees, consultancy services and management services for property owners and franchisees

We want to make partnership and participation in our brand accessible, for this reason, our fees are low and we actively reward our partners by reducing fees for delivering on our socially responsible purpose and for exceptional customer service.

Payments of our management fees are staged throughout the delivery of your hostel, with 25% on contract, 25% on GM selection and 50% on the morning of your Hostels Grand Opening.

Find Out More about Mad Monkey Hostels Franchises

The best way to reach out to us is to make contact by email to marketing (at)  We will normally call you back within 48-72 hours for an initial 15-30 minute discussion about your project.


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